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Warranty Policy and Procedure - October 2009


As part of Kia's commitment to customer satisfaction, roadside assistance is a service, that applies to all Kia MY2000 and MY2001 vehicles for 36 months or 60,000 kilometers and Kia My2002 and later vehicles for 60 Months or 100,000 Kms whichever occurs first, regardless of the driver of the vehicle. Roadside assistance applies to vehicles, which would not typically be covered under warranty, such as emergency refuelling. Repair or assistance under this provision may be provided at the roadside, a Kia dealership, or at any other location that Kia chooses.


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in Canada or continental United States by dialling

Kia has set up a nationwide network of roadside assistance providers. Emergency Roadside Services that are available are as follows:

  • Mechanical breakdown tow
  • Emergency battery boost
  • Flat tire change
  • Lock-out Service
  • Fuel delivery
  • Trip interruption


Our Approved Roadside Service Facilities are there to provide the Kia customers with prompt, efficient service and to help get to closest KIA Dealership. If there is no KIA Dealership within 100 kilometres, vehicle will be towed to the closest approved repair facility.

If the customer decides not to use a KIA Approved Roadside Service, customer may choose own service provider and submit a claim for reimbursement for up to $100 per incident. KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE does not pay for related parts, labour, or repairs. The KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE program covers the service provider to travel up to 100 km. In rare cases where the service provider must travel more than 100 km, customer may be asked to pay the difference.

Battery Boost

If your KIA’s battery is discharged, a service provider will be dispatched to your location to boost your vehicle.

Emergency Breakdown Towing

KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE will be there should your KIA experience a mechanical breakdown and not be able to proceed under its own power. Vehicles are covered should they need a towing service to move the KIA vehicle from the place of mechanical breakdown to the nearest KIA Dealership or approved repair facility within 100 km.


If a Kia vehicle becomes stuck in a ditch, mud or snow, KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE will dispatch an approved service provider to winch or extricate vehicle, provided that it can proceed under its own power after the service has been performed. The vehicle must be accessible and located on, or adjacent to, a publicly maintained roadway.

If the vehicle is unable to proceed under its own power after extrication, customer will be responsible for all costs in winching and towing your vehicle.

Tire Change

The service provider can provide air service or remove flat tire and install spare. The spare tire must be inflated and in sound working order. If there is no operable spare tire, vehicle will be towed to the nearest Kia Dealership or approved repair facility.

Gas Delivery

The service provider will deliver up to 10 L of gas so that vehicle can proceed to the nearest service station. The cost of the fuel is covered. In areas where the transportation of fuel is prohibited, your vehicle will be towed to the closest service station.

Lockout Service

If a vehicle owner has locked keys in the vehicle, a service provider will be dispatched to attempt to gain entry to the vehicle. Please note that the owner assumes all responsibility for any damages to the vehicle as a result of the entry attempt. Note: In order to obtain service, owner shall remain with the vehicle. The approved provider will not provide service to an unattended vehicle.

Trip Interruption Services (Away from Home)

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE will reimburse vehicle owner for the emergency expenses outlined below if:

  1. The registered vehicle broke down more than 100 km from home; and
  2. The vehicle was unable to proceed under its own power; and
  3. The vehicle was towed from the site of the mechanical breakdown to the closest KIA Dealership or repair facility within 100 km of the location of the mechanical breakdown.

Note: Accidents do not qualify for trip interruption. The total of combined benefits is up to $100 per day to a maximum of $300 Canadian per mechanical breakdown.


Reimbursement consideration will be made for hotel/motel accommodations as required in the vicinity of the mechanical breakdown while owner/driver and passengers await repairs to make your vehicle roadworthy.


Reimbursement consideration will be made for meals as required in the vicinity of the major mechanical breakdown while owner/driver and passengers await repairs to your vehicle.


Should you wish to continue on to your destination or return home, KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE will consider reimbursement for commercial transportation (taxi, bus, train or plane) to your original destination or owner/driver’s home. 2000 to 2008 Model Year - Rental vehicles do not qualify as commercial transportation. 2009 Model and onwards- Rental vehicles DO qualify as commercial transportation.

Note: Trip Interruption Services must be engaged by owner/driver within seventy-two (72) hours after the mechanical breakdown in order for the owner/driver to be eligible for reimbursement for the above benefits. The cost of parts, mechanical repairs, and labour are not eligible for reimbursement.

How to Claim (Reimbursement Option)

  1. Contact KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE within thirty (30) days of the date of receiving roadside assistance.
  2. Please indicate the cause and location of the breakdown.
  3. Enclose the original receipts from the expenses being claimed and/or a copy of the detailed KIA automobile repair shop or an approved repair shop invoice and towing receipt (if the vehicle was not towed by KIA Extra Care Roadside Assistance) indicating the amount of the applicable service. Send reimbursement request to:

    Attention: Claim Department
    P.O. BOX 190
    Richmond Hill, ON L8B 4R5

  5. Upon receipt and confirmation of this information, KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE will send you a reimbursement cheque in accordance with terms and conditions of the program.

Membership Agreement and General Conditions

KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE agrees to provide services to the registered KIA vehicle specified by the Vehicle Identification Number and the benefits as listed in this section, subject to the terms and conditions as defined in this manual.

General Conditions

“Vehicle” definition - For the purpose of this manual, “Vehicle” shall mean a KIA motor vehicle registered for membership in the program.

All KIA vehicles must be plated and insured to qualify for coverage under this program. Coverage commences on the warranty start date as registered with KIA Canada Inc.

KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE does not extend to vehicles for hire (taxis, courier vehicles etc…), vehicles that have dealer plates and vehicles not meant to be driven on public roads.

Only originals of receipts and/or charge card copies submitted by you will be accepted for consideration for reimbursement. Originals will be returned upon request.

Note: Any alterations on bills for service will render them invalid for claims reimbursement.

Benefits will not be provided:

  1. Where there is any indication at the time of the incident of consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotics, or where the driver is not in possession of a valid driver’s license.
  2. When a vehicle is not registered or not covered by Public Liability and Property Damage automobile insurance.
  3. In the event that charges are attributed to an incident that occurred while committing, or attempting to commit a criminal offence.
  4. When claim arises out of an incident which occurs while membership with KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is not in force or where you did not incur any expense.


It’s important to us that owner/driver understand applicable coverage.

Owner/driver should be aware coverage does not apply to:

  • Unplated / uninsured vehicles.
  • Cost of parts, repairs, labour, storage or impound charges.
  • Vehicles driven into an area not publicly maintained or inaccessible to the service vehicle (such as beaches, frozen lakes, recreational areas, construction sites, open fields, private roads). Cross country, logging, auto cross and any other form of off-road use is not covered.
  • Towing from one repair facility to another.
  • A second tow or repeat boosts for the same mechanical breakdown
  • Service to any vehicle not covered by KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE’s definition of “vehicle” as stated in the General Conditions in this section.
  • Service to unattended vehicles.
  • Shovelling or the removal of snow to free a vehicle.
  • Repeated service calls for a vehicle, which in the opinion of KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE requires maintenance or repairs.
  • Costs which are covered under your regular vehicle insurance.
  • Transporting owner/driver to your disabled vehicle or to owner/driver’s home after service has been rendered, except as otherwise specified.

KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE reserves the right to decline any claim presented for payment later than thirty (30) days from the date service was performed or any claim not in conformity with the conditions of membership as stated in this section.

The services contracted for shall not cover or include emergency claims caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly, by war, riot, floods, invasion, insurrection, civil commotion or while the vehicle is being used in military or police service.

KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is not a warranty but a service provided to you as part of the KIA commitment to minimize unforeseen vehicle operation inconvenience.

KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE reserves the right to decline payment of services and/or terminate membership when, in KIA EXTRA CARE’s opinion, there is deemed to be abuse or excessive use of KIA EXTRA CARE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE’s services.

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